Seminars & Colloquia summer term 2008


On this page seminars & colloquia of the participating groups are listed that are of interest to the members of the IZ-ICP
This list is not complete and will be updated regularly.
If you want a seminar to appear here please email Prof. M.A. Schneider

Contact the person in charge if you want to find out more about the speaker and his or her schedule in Erlangen.

List of seminars in summer term 2008
Date Subject Speaker Venue Room Contact
27.05.2008 Study of adsorption energetics of molecules or atoms on surfaces by microcalorimetry Wanda Lew
University of Washington
Lehrstuhlseminar PC II, 17:00 s.t. SR P 3.88, Egerlandstr. 3 Prof. J. Libuda
03.06.2008 Photoelectron Spectroscopy study of nanomaterials for energy and environmental protection: cerium oxide based catalysts Prof. Dr. Vladimir Matolin
Karls-Universität Prag
Lehrstuhlseminar PC II 17:00 c.t. P 3.88, Egerlandstr. 3 Prof. J. Libuda
05.06.2008 Supramolecular Chemistry in Two Dimensions Prof. Dr. J. Barth
TU München
GDCh Kolloquium 17:00 c.t. Hörsaal H2, Egerlandstr. 3 Prof. H. Gröger
09.06.2008 Auf dem Weg zum molekularen Design von Grenzflächen auf ab-initio Basis: Epitaktische Oxid-Halbleitergrenzflüauml;chen für kommende Transistorgenerationen Prof. Dr. P. Blöchl
TU Clausthal
Physikalisches Kolloquium 17:00 c.t. Hörsaal E, Physikum, Staudtstr. Prof. St. Müller
14.07.2008 Particle science and technology - concepts, challenges and opportunities within the cluster of excellence Prof. Dr. W. Peukert
Physikalisches Kolloquium 17:00 c.t. Hörsaal E, Physikum, Staudtstr. Prof. K. Mecke
28.07.2008 Laser-based photoemission micro-spectroscopy and its application to organic films Prof. Toshiaki Munakata
(Osaka University)
11:00 c.t., Seminar IC-MM, IZ-ICP. P 3.88, Egerlandstr. 3 Prof. Fink