Seminars & Colloquia winter term 2011/12


On this page seminars & colloquia of the participating groups are listed that are of interest to the members of the IC-ICP
This list is not complete and will be updated regularly.
If you want a seminar to appear here please email Prof. M.A. Schneider

Contact the person in charge if you want to find out more about the speaker and his or her schedule in Erlangen.

List of seminars in winter term 2011/12
Date Subject Speaker Venue Room Contact
18.10.2011 'Wet' surface chemistry: interactions of water molecules on metal surfaces D. Georg Held
University of Reading
17:15, PC-Kolloquium Seminarraum P 3.88, Egerlandstr. 3 Prof. J. Libuda
20.10.2011 Catalytic Reactions Up Close-Oxidation Chemistry at the Boundary of Au Nanoparticles Supported on TiO2 Prof. John T. Yates, Jr.
University of Virginia
16:30, EAM Seminar Catalytic Materials Hörsaal H3, Egerlandstr. 3 Prof. J. Libuda
21.10.2011 Photochemistry at the TiO2 Surface - Watching Electrons and Holes at Work Prof. John T. Yates, Jr.
University of Virginia
08:30, EAM Seminar Functional Particle Systems Hörsaal H12, Cauerstr. 11 Prof. O. Diwald