Interdisciplinary graduate course winter term 2006


Topics during WS 2006/2007 included:

  • Introduction to surface science, Surface structures and their determination by quantitative LEED
    (K. Heinz) - Lecture notes for Oct. 25,
    Nov. 8, Nov 15, 2006 (complete PDF for all three dates - renewed on Nov. 06, 2006)

  • Density functional theory (fundamentals), surface states and electron correlations
    O. Pankratov - PDF1, PDF2 )

  • High brilliance X-rays as analytical tool, Microspectroscopy beyond scanning probe techniques
    R. Fink - PDF1 (06.12.06), PDF2 (13.12.06))

  • Dynamics at surfaces: from simple to nanostructured systems, Heterogeneous catalysis and kinetics: towards an understanding of complex reaction systems at the microscopic level
    (J. Libuda - PDF1, PDF2)

  • Processes at the electrolyte-solid interface (J. Kunze/ P. Schmuki - PDF1, PDF2 v. 7.2.07)